Take a look at this mechanical paper model robot

first_imgThrow all your traditional thoughts about robotics out the window, as a Japanese student named “Kikouysa” has worked for hours to create a walking bipedal robot that is made out of paper rather than traditional plastics or metals. The result is pretty epic as you can see in the video above.Called “PR-III” (which we assume means Paper Robot III), this paper creation has the ability to walk in a straight line while being powered by nothing but rubber bands. While the body, gears and decorative embellishments are made out of white paper it does use several small wooden dowels for support. Still, this creation is a magnificent feat of paper engineering. The PR-III was made as part of an effort to learn about building mechanical paper models, a process that focuses on using paper in different thicknesses and configurations to mimic real life metal gears and different mechanical configurations.A project like this must have taken several hours and much trial and error to get right. While it doesn’t have a tremendous amount of functionality, it’s obviously built sturdy enough for the paper machine to walk in a straight line without falling. The background music of the video makes it look like a low production value horror movie we used to watch as children as it trundles across its creator’s desk.Mechanical paper modeling isn’t a new process, and there are plans for different creations that can be found around the internet free of charge. If you want to make your own feats of engineering that make use of paper, all you’ll need is a bit patience and a sharp knife to make it happen.Read more at Kikouysa’s page, via the Verge.last_img

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