War for Poland Kielce beat Wisla

12Czuwaj Przemyśl191117525:6973 1Vive Targi Kielce191801717:50836 3Azoty Puławy181224510:48626 10Chrobry Głogów184113471:5069 8Zagłębie Lubin196211541:61714 6MMTS Kwidzyn18918548:55619 7Gaz-System Pogoń187110524:52215 Orlen Wisla PlockPolish HandballVive Targi Kielce ← Previous Story HP fans choose EHF CL Preliminary Round “ALL STAR TEAM” Next Story → HSV’s storm over “sold-out” SAP ARENA in Mannheim! 2Orlen Wisła Płock191702644:50034 Vive Targi Kielce took revenge on Orlen Wisła Płock and won at home 29:22. The top match of the Polish League was exciting fans of both teams for a few recent days; additionally the atmosphere was fomented by issues connected with tickets or injuries. Both teams had to play without their injured players – a day before the game it turned out that Wisła would have to play without Petar Nenadić and Ivan Nikčević. The beginning of the match was full of mistakes but Kielce were more effective in attack and after 10 minutes the result was 5:1 for the hosts. Płock managed to improve their score but they didn’t even draw. Emotions got the upper hand not only of the spectators – sometimes players got carried away too and the red card for Muhamed Toromanović seemed to confirm it. Kielce were gradually gaining more and more advantage and in a halftime they left the court leading by 7 goals. The second half began quite well for the hosts but guests also improved their playing. At the end Kielce started playing a bit imprecisely but the victory was rather safe. Vive won by 7 goals which means they equalized Wisła’s reserve from the last match (Wisła won 32:25 then). If Kielce win all next games, they probably will remain in the first place in the league table.TEXT: Martyna UsnarskaVive Targi Kielce – Orlen Wisła Płock 29:22 (16:9)Vive: Szmal, Losert – Grabarczyk, Mazur, Tomczak 1, Jurecki 4, Tkaczyk 2, Olafsson 1, Bielecki 4, Jachlewski 4, Stojković 4 (1), Lijewski 2, Buntić 3, Musa 3, Zorman 1.exclusions: 4 minutesWisła: Sego, Wichary – Chrapkowski, Żochowski, Eklamović 4, Spanne, Wiśniewski 5, Kavas, Ghionea 10 (5), Twardo, Toromanović 1, Syprzak, Kubisztal 1, Paczkowski 1, Ilyes.exclusions: 18 minutesphoto: vivetargi.plSTANDING: 9Piotrkowianin Piotrków197012521:55914 5NMC Powen Zabrze191009528:52520 11Miedź Legnica184113398:5019 4Tauron Stal Mielec181116568:51823

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