The situation in FC “Levski” is very difficult, I can not…

first_imgThe situation in Levski is not pleasant. The big problem is the lack of money. This can lead to a lot of bad things. The scandals became public. They should broadcast a unified position, not clarify their relations, and that is the media. This was said by the former owner of FC “Levski” Todor Batkov.I can’t judge what is behind these scandals, probably a dissimilarity in character. The situation in “Levski” is very difficult. Paid love for the audience is not appropriate now. I do not accept some to speak as they now allow themselves. The purity of the image of the club is much more. It must be given back. To stop speaking to the media about nonsense. Not to exchange epithets like “Mr. Lie.” Now there is no money, I guess that’s the conflict. Over the years, how much crazy money we have paid for fines is absolutely unnecessary.At the time, everything was official. First it was given for the activity of some structure, I don’t remember what. Then we helped them form a security company, it was licensed. It was paid for each match, invoices, etc. I’m talking about things that were agreed. How the money is spent is a problem of the structures.The club remains financially unstable, he added. Batkov then attacked Vasil Bozhkov’s policy towards running the club. Titi Papazov was not in my field of vision. Many clubs went to Lokomotiv for some reason.last_img

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