Jury to determine Jimmit man’s fate

first_imgLocalNews Jury to determine Jimmit man’s fate by: – January 25, 2013 67 Views   5 comments Tweet Share Edward Ravalliere. Photo credit:Face BookA nine member jury will today, January 25th, determine the fate of a Jimmit man was charged with causing grevious bodily harm (GBH) to fire officer Tony Jno Baptiste in 2007.On Thursday, the state closed its case in the trial of former police officer Edward Ravalliere after four witnesses testified.It was alleged that on 12th August, 2007 Ravalliere hit Jno Baptiste with a piece of wood which resulted in Jno Baptiste sustaining injuries.Jno Baptiste testified that Ravalliere approached him on the day in question and inquired from him why his daughter [Ravalliere] was doing at the Roseau Fire Station on 10th August 2007, which is where Jno Baptiste was stationed.Jno Baptiste also testified that the confrontation occurred close to his home which was next to the defendant’s home in the presence of his wife, his two year old son and two friends who were spending time with him. He said at the time of the confrontation the defendant was armed with a piece of wood which he later identified to be the handle of a pick axe.Jno Baptiste said he did not respond to the defendant’s question and the defendant positioned himself and swung the piece of wood at him causing, therefore he raised his hand in an attempt to shield the blow. He received the blow to his forearm, fell to the ground, felt a sharp pain in his forearm and realized that his hand was broken.He said Ravalliere then hit him on his shoulder and in fear for his life, he ran to seek refuge in a neighbor’s yard while Ravalliere chased him and shouted stop or else he would “shoot” him. Jno Baptiste further testified that one of the neighbor’s spoke to him and then held on to Ravalliere who escaped, came after him and “clutched” his throat saying he would “kill” him.The neighbor then held Ravalliere and told Jno Baptiste to go to his home but on his way back to his house; Ravalliere came behind him, threatened him and his wife while he made gun trigger actions and told Mrs Jno Baptiste that it was her turn next.Police arrived on the scene moments later and Ravalliere was arrested for suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm to Jno Baptiste.An ambulance transported Jno Baptiste the Princess Margaret Hospital but on his way there he stopped at the Mahaut police station and gave the investigating officer, Andy Celaire the piece of wood he said Ravalliere used to hit him. Dr Carl Monroe, who attended to Jno Baptiste at Accident and Emergency Department of the Princess Margaret Hospital on 12th August, 2007 testified that his examination revealed that Jno Baptiste’s left wrist was deformed and there was an abrasion to the distal part of his arm.He said that a broken bone was identified during an x-ray and attempts to realign the broken bone were unsuccessful. Jno Baptiste was admitted to the Alford Ward and a few days and underwent surgery. Dr. Monroe testified further that Jno Baptiste’s injury could have been caused by a blunt object with the use of moderate force.The prosecution’s third witness, Mrs. Giselle Jno Baptiste testified that the defendant did hit her husband twice, chased him to the neighbor’s house and threatened her family by making gun trigger actions. The investigating officer, Andy Celaire was also called to give testimony.After the state closed its case Ravalliere took to the witness stand and said that he did not hit Jno Baptiste on that day.Ravalliere said his “investigations” had revealed that Jno Baptiste and his daughter had an intimate relationship and he had spoken to Jno Baptiste about this on numerous occasions but to no avail. He said he had complained to Mrs Jno Baptiste and made reports to the police concerning Jno Batiste’s relationship with his sixteen year old daughter.He admitted that he confronted Jno Baptiste that day regarding his daughter and that he was armed with a pick axe but it was only for intimidation purposes. Ravalliere said after he questioned Jno Baptiste about his daughter being at his workplace, he told him he would count up till three to get an answer but when he got to number two, Jno Batiste took off running and injured himself in the neighbor’s yard. Ravalliere said the only threats he made were to Mrs Jno Baptiste who insulted his daughter when she called her dirty name.He said he told her if she “don’t stop” insulting his daughter he would deal with her.When court resumes the nine member female jury will hear closing arguments from the prosecution and defense counsel Dawn Yearwood-Stuart. Justice Brian Cottle is the presiding judge.Dominica Vibes Newscenter_img Share Share Sharing is caring!last_img

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