Happy, with a 20 Percent Chance of Sadness

first_imgIn the winter of 1994, a young man in his early twenties named Tim was a patient in a London psychiatric hospital. Despite a happy and energetic demeanour, Tim had bipolar disorder and had recently attempted suicide. During his stay, he became close with a visiting US undergraduate psychology student called Matt. The two quickly bonded over their love of early-nineties hip-hop and, just before being discharged, Tim surprised his friend with a portrait that he had painted of him. Matt was deeply touched. But after returning to the United States with portrait in hand, he learned that Tim had ended his life by jumping off a bridge.Matthew Nock now studies the psychology of self-harm at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Even though more than two decades have passed since his time with Tim, the portrait still hangs in his office as a constant reminder of the need to develop a way to predict when people are likely to try and kill themselves. There are plenty of known risk factors for suicide—heavy alcohol use, depression and being male among them—but none serve as tell-tale signs of imminent suicidal thoughts. Nock thinks that he is getting close to solving that. Read the whole story: Scientific American More of our Members in the Media >last_img read more

MSC 2016 Rd 3 – A First Timer’s Perspective

first_imgRace Results of MSC 2016 Round 3SUPERBIKE (RACE 1 – 12 LAPS)Category A 2NDJouni KarhuChia PJ KawasakiKawasaki ZX-10R 2NDMohd Rizal Mohd Johari65 Garage Dot COMHonda CBR1000 HRC 1STMuhammad Jazil JuraimiChia PJ KawasakiKawasaki Ninja 250 2NDAhmad Fuad BaharudinTeam Project XHonda CBR1000RR A look at the Pirelli MSC 2016 national series from a first timer’s perspective. Category B Category B Category B Category B Category B 2NDKhairul Anwar JamilHonda CBR250R 1STAzwan Abdul MalekS4M MotorsportsBMW S1000RR 3RDRajini Krishnan KChia PJ KawasakiKawasaki ZX-10R SUPERBIKE (RACE 2 – 12 LAPS)Category A 3RDWan Mohd FaizdeharMotoris VenturesHonda CBR1000RR Category B 3RDLuth HarithFastthrottle MotorsportsHonda CBR250R 1STYap Teck ChowKawasaki Ninja 250SL 3RDAmirul Hafiq Mhd AzmiYamaha YZF-R6 1STYap Teck ChowKawasaki Ninja 250SL 1STAzlan Shah KamaruzamanKawasaki ZX-6R 1STM. Iqbal Quzaimy AzharARD Performance MotorsportsYamaha YZF-R6 3RDMohd Hariz AhmadKawasaki Ninja 250 2NDAzroy Hakeem AnuarHonda CBR600 PRODUCTION 250 ( RACE 1 – 8 LAPS)Category A 1STAzwan Abdul MalekS4M MotorsportsBMW S1000RR 1STMohd Radzi OmarTeam Project XHonda CBR1000RR Story By: Sep IrranRound 3 of the Pirelli Malaysia Superbike Championship 2016, or simply known as MSC 2016 (NOT the Multimedia Super Corridor), got underway at the glorious Sepang International Circuit (SIC) last weekend. The event has been around for a while now and, if you aren’t familiar with it, here’s what you ought to know about it.What is the MSC?As mentioned earlier, the race series has been around for quite a while. It was previously known as the Malaysian Super Series or simply MSS and through a rebranding exercise, MSS evolved itself into its current MSC form. Partnering up with Pirelli as its official tyre supplier, the event has been catching the attention of more and more racing fans.MSC was developed to support and nurture Malaysia’s motorcycle racing scene further apart from the Malaysian Cub Prix national underbone racing series and the two major international races – World Superbikes (WSBK) and MotoGP – that are annually at SIC too.The Pirelli MSC 2016 season consists of five rounds held in the period between May to December 2016. It features four main racing categories – 1000cc Superbike, 1000cc Superstock, 600cc Supersport and the recently revamped Pirelli 250cc & 300cc Race Series (Open 250). As the old saying goes, “the more, the merrier”.What’s special about this MSC?1) Free Access to the Main Grandstand during MSC race weekendsAs fans of the motorsports, the Pirelli MSC 2016 series offers the mass public something that no other motorcycle event can. For one thing, spectators can access the Main Grandstand for free during race weekends.So, if you need to fuel your motorcycle racing addiction in between WSBK and MotoGP, MSC 2016 weekends are something you shouldn’t miss.However, if you feel like the action from the Main Grandstand is not nearly close enough, rest assured that there is another option. For a small amount of money, you can gain access to the Paddock where all the action happens! It is something that is very, VERY hard to come by especially during the major races but not during MSC.2) Get closer to the all the actionYou can get up close and personal with the bikes, teams and even riders during the race weekends. During my first experience in the Paddock, I can’t help but grin with joy upon seeing all the race machines ready to tackle the super technical SIC course. As a motorsports enthusiast myself, getting up close with all the bikes ranging from 250cc & 300cc up to 1000cc Superbikes was a ‘magical’ experience so to speak.Being at the paddock, one can also get a definite feel on how races are conducted on a professional level. All the marshals, racing crews, circuit staff and even supporters are moving about in a ‘controlled chaos’ as sorts.At the same time, the racers head out on track and push their machines to the maximum not for money, but bragging rights on who’s the fastest of them all. It was a sublime experience to see machines mirroring those from WSBK such as the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R, Honda CBR1000RR, BMW S1000RR and a few Yamaha YZF-R1, all tearing up the track, hitting speeds close to 300km/h.Seeing and experiencing all this first-hand at such close proximity gives you quite a rush – one unlike any other if I’m honest.3) Good platform to begin or improve racing as a hobby or careerApart from all that is visible, MSC race weekends also stand as an excellent platform for those who want to enter racing world. In fact, MSC caters to those who want to race professionally and welcomes those who are new in racing.One can witness major teams that are well known in the local racing community running a fleet of race bikes, but alongside them you also see small privateer outfits with their machines chasing the same glory of winning races.Furthermore, the teams and riders competing here aren’t just Malaysian, you can also see teams and riders hailing from other neighbouring countries, as well as a few coming from as far as Australia and New Zealand. Each category also has and its divisions within it, meaning there’s something for every racer covering a wide spectrum of competition levels too.4) Meet up with  national riders and top international ridersIf you are lucky, you can even rub shoulders with a few great names in the local and international racing scene during MSC weekends. For example, former Moto2 and current ARRC racer Azlan Shah Kamaruzaman also competes in the MSC’s Supersport category, and he’s one rider that clearly dominated the class last after winning both Supersport races with ease.Other national riders like current Moto2 rider Hafizh Syahrin can also be seen during MSC race weekends. Some even use it as a training ground to keep themselves sharp whilst on break from competing at international races – Azlan Shah being one prime example of this.Another surprise was the presence of renowned Isle of Man TT racer and winner Cameron Donald, who raced last weekend for the SBR Racing Team. Though a brilliant and blistering fast rider, Cameron’s actually a very down to earth bloke when we met him in the pits, and one can easily get close to the man and strike up a conversation with ease. This is one of the magical bits that the Pirellis MSC 2016 series holds for fans.All in all, the Pirelli MSC 2016 is an experience all motorcycle enthusiasts should take part in, whether you’re an expert rider looking for a place to train, a beginner wanting to launch a racing career, or even if you’re just a true fan of racing. There’s really something for everyone in MSC.The last 2 rounds will be a double header and it is scheduled later this year from Dec 2 to Dec 4, 2016. 2NDKeith ParrotSportsrider Racing TeamYamaha YZF-R1 1STJouni KarhuChia PJ KawasakiKawasaki ZX-10R Category B 2NDLinggam RammooHKM TimesBike Racing TeamBMW S1000RR 3RDMohd Ahmad Hawash KhanKawasaki ZX-10R SUPERSPORT (RACE 1 – 12 LAPS)Category A 3RDMuhammad Helmi AzmanARD Performance MotorsportsYamaha YZF-R6 1STLinggam RammooSportsrider Racing TeamBMW S1000RR 2NDMuhd Aiman TahiruddinYamaha YZF-R25 2NDWong Wai MunKawasaki Ninja 250SL 3RDAhmad Nashrul BaharudinTeam Project XKawasaki ZX-10R 1STCameron DonaldSBR Racing TeamKawasaki ZX-10R 3RDHarish NayarSportsRider Racing TeamKawasaki ZX-10R SUPERSPORT (RACE 2 – 12 LAPS)Category A 1STAzlan Shah KamaruzamanKawasaki ZX-6R 1STAhmad Fuad BaharudinTeam Project XHonda CBR1000RR 1STM. Iqbal Quzaimy AzharARD Performance MotorsportsYamaha YZF-R6 Category B 2NDAmirul Hafiq Mhd AzmiYamaha YZF-R6 2NDMuhammad Azmirul AzharARD Performance MotorsportsSuzuki GSX-R 600 1STWan Mohd FaizdeharMotoris VenturesHonda CBR1000RR SUPERSTOCK (RACE 1 – 12 LAPS)Category A 3RDMohd Ahmad Hawash KhanKawasaki ZX-10R PRODUCTION 250 (RACE 2 – 8 LAPS)Category A 3RDAhmad Fariz ZafriKawasaki Ninja 250 3RDMuhamad Syafiq AnuarHKM TimesBike Racing TeamYamaha YZF-R6 –Ads– 2NDMohd Rizal Mohd Johari65 Garage Dot COMHonda CBR1000 HRC 2NDKhairul Anwar JamilHonda CBR250R 3RDAngelo NeoHonda CBR250R 1STMuhammad Jazil JuraimiChia PJ KawasakiKawasaki Ninja 250 3RDLiam Mac DonaldSportsrider Racing TeamKawasaki ZX-6R 2NDMuhammad Azmirul AzharARD Performance MotorsportsSuzuki GSX-R 600 2NDCameron DonaldSBR Racing TeamKawasaki ZX-10R SUPERSTOCK (RACE 2 – 12 LAPS)Category A 3RDLinggam RammooSportsrider Racing TeamBMW S1000RR 3RDJouni KarhuChia PJ KawasakiKawasaki ZX1-0R 2NDAhmad Nashrul BaharudinTeam Project XKawasaki ZX-10Rlast_img read more

Review: Sandler sires lame kid in ‘That’s My Boy’

first_imgTo say Adam Sandler’s new movie isn’t as bad as his last is like saying your typical dental filling isn’t as bad as a root canal. Neither will kill you, and with today’s anesthesia, they may not hurt that much. But there’s no way you want to be in that reclining chair, with sharp metal objects shoved in your mouth.This film image released by Columbia Pictures shows, from left, Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Will Forte and Milo Ventimiglia in a scene from “That’s My Boy.” (AP Photo/Columbia Pictures – Sony, Tracy Bennett)So why do we keep renting those comfy, stadium-seating cinema chairs and letting Sandler shovel something else down our throats?“That’s My Boy” is hardly Sandler’s worst, and next to last year’s abysmal “Jack and Jill,” his latest one looks almost inspired. Yet this father-son story is just more of the same gross, lazy comedy that Sandler’s been doing for years, the repetitiveness evident in his generally declining box-office receipts.Sandler’s audience is outgrowing his movies, even if he isn’t.The idea behind the movie isn’t half bad and provides some parallels to Sandler, a guy who’s made a career out of stunted adolescence. In this one, he plays a middle-aged loser who was in his early teens when he knocked up his seventh-grade teacher and has been the world’s most infantile dad to his boy ever since.You know the formula: Sandler’s Donny Berger has to grow up in some fashion by the end of “That’s My Boy,” while his estranged son, Todd (Andy Samberg), must come to appreciate the unique upbringing received at the hands of his dad, even if Donny didn’t so much rear him as rear-end him.Now a neurotic but somehow successful Wall Streeter, Todd is preparing to marry his dream girl (Leighton Meester) when Donny barges back into his life, scheming to fix his own financial problems and reconnect with the son he hasn’t seen in more than a decade.From this premise, we get vomit jokes, strip-club routines, fecal humor, and gags about masturbation, including with pictures of old women. In short, we get Sandler, doing what he always does, with whatever edge he once had continuing to erode as he ages and looks sillier at what he’s doing.With some thought and effort, “That’s My Boy” could be fresher, smarter and much, much funnier, while still retaining all the gross-out gags and idiocy that Sandler loves. The 45-year-old Sandler could have grown up a bit along with Donny, a good career direction if he hopes to keep this crap up as he nears AARP eligibility age.Sandler, also a producer on the movie, as well as director Sean Anders and screenwriter David Caspe stay on the really stupid end of stupid, though.As Donny, Sandler clunks people on the head with booze bottles, flaunts his outrageous erections in people’s faces and shouts “Wazzup?” far too many times. More than once is too many times, given the mumbling voice Sandler adopts for Donny. At one point, he imitates “Fantasy Island” co-star Herve Villechaize shouting “Da plane! Da plane!” It’s actually less annoying than Donny’s everyday voice.Bearing some physical resemblance to Sandler, Samberg is well cast as Donny’s son, and he plays the straight man well enough for his “Saturday Night Live” predecessor.Other casting choices range from clever to weird. Susan Sarandon and real-life daughter Eva Amurri Martino make a spitting-image duo as the older and younger versions of Donny’s seductress teacher. Genially playing a variation of himself, Vanilla Ice is kind of funny as an old pal of Donny. James Caan must have too much time on his hands, though, popping up for some strained scenes as a boxer-turned priest. And if you bother to cast Tony Orlando in something more than a bit part, why not go the extra mile and work in the singer’s old backup group, Dawn?Sandler could have found a way to weave them into Donny’s fan club. Almost everyone he encounters loves Donny, but those are actors getting paid for it. The audience of “That’s My Boy” is paying them — and paying Sandler his millions — money better spent on whatever dental work you’ve been putting off.“That’s My Boy,” released by Sony’s Columbia Pictures, is rated R for crude sexual content throughout, nudity, pervasive language and some drug use. Running time: 116 minutes. One and a half stars out of four.___Motion Picture Association of America rating definitions:G — General audiences. All ages admitted.PG — Parental guidance suggested. Some material may not be suitable for children.PG-13 — Special parental guidance strongly suggested for children under 13. Some material may be inappropriate for young children.R — Restricted. Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian.NC-17 — No one under 17 admitted.last_img read more