Representatives of UNESCO in the monitoring mission to resolve the issue of Plitvice Lakes National Park

first_imgAs part of the activities aimed at reducing the pressure on the Plitvice Lakes National Park initiated by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy, representatives of UNESCO and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), which conducts expert evaluations for UNESCO, arrived in Croatia for a reactive monitoring mission. will give his opinion on the situation in the park as well as the optimal solutions.The representative of the UNESCO Secretariat Sussana Kari and Pierre Galland from IUCN met today in Zagreb with representatives of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy, the Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning, the Croatian Environment and Nature Agency, the Croatian Institute for Spatial Planning, the Ministry of Tourism and Hrvatske vode and JU NP Plitvice Lakes. The meeting reviewed the situation in the Plitvice Lakes National Park, and discussed, among other things, the problems of a large number of visitors, problems with the spatial plan and related issuance of building permits, inspection, water supply and drainage system.Representatives of the reactive monitoring mission during their stay in Croatia will visit the Plitvice Lakes National Park and hold meetings with representatives of the Park, local self-government and all other stakeholders involved in the issue of over-attendance.Photo: Plitvice Lakes National ParkThe reactive monitoring mission was called by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy, aware of the problems in the Plitvice Lakes National Park regarding the pressure from visitors as well as the intensified construction of facilities. “Our main goal is the effective protection and preservation of the Plitvice Lakes National Park through better management of visitors and increased control over the construction of facilities and other infrastructure, so that the pressure of tourism would not endanger the natural values ​​for which the park is included in the UNESCO list. stand out from the Ministry of Protection, Environment and Energy.The Ministry, in cooperation with other bodies, will develop a joint action plan to address the identified problems for each of the sectors (spatial planning and construction, nature protection, water management) and in accordance with UNESCO instructions, after the mission, take further necessary steps to address the issue. .last_img read more

Tokyo 2020: Super Falcons to fly to Algeria on Saturday

first_imgThe delegation of Senior Women National Team, Super Falcons to next week’s 2020 Olympics qualifying match against the Senior Women National Team of Algeria will depart Nigeria on Saturday.Head Coach Thomas Dennerby has already submitted a list of 18 home-based professionals who will do battle with the Algerians, following the inability of foreign-based players to make the trip due to various engagements with their clubs.The delegation will fly aboard Turkish Airline into Istanbul and then connect to Algiers from Turkey’s commercial and economic capital.Already, world football –governing body, FIFA, has appointed officials from Mali to take charge of the clash, which the Algeria Football Federation has scheduled for the Stade Mustapha Tchaker in Blida (outside Algiers), to kick off at 7pm Algeria time (same time as in Nigeria) on Wednesday, 28th August.Teneba Bagayoko will be the referee, with her compatriots Mariam Coulibaly (assistant referee 1) and Djeneba Dembélé (assistant referee 2) also on duty. The fourth official will be Dorsaf Ganouati from Tunisia while Mana Dzodope from Togo will serve as referee assessor and Oumou Kane from Mauritania will be the match commissioner.For the return leg in Nigeria, which the Nigeria Football Federation has scheduled for the Agege Stadium, Lagos on Tuesday, 3rd September 2019, starting from 4pm, FIFA has appointed Zomadre Kore from Cote d’Ivoire to be the referee.Her compatriots Lou Ta (assistant referee 1), Denise Akoua (assistant referee 2) and Fatoumata Kra (fourth official) will join her on the assignment. Ghanaian Emmanuella Aglago will serve as referee assessor and Cameroonian Souadatou Kalkaba will be match commissioner.RelatedThomas Dennerby: Sports Minister Dare Intervenes To Forestall Swede’s Shock ResignationSeptember 16, 2019In “National Team”Tokyo 2020: Dennerby Criticises Falcons Display In Win Over Algeria (AUDIO)September 3, 2019In “National Team”Tokyo 2020: Falcons Look To Finish Job Against Algeria, Eye Next RoundSeptember 2, 2019In “National Team”last_img read more

”How’s our girl doing?” – A #JennStrong update for August

first_imgWe’re coming up on Day 150 for Jennifer Aparicio and her #JennStrong leukemia journey and every day I get more questions about her prognosis, future and general health. We’re blessed to have so many folks who care so much about my wife.On June 26th, she underwent a bone marrow transplant from an anonymous donor. We believe the donor is from Europe.The last six weeks have been exceedingly difficult for Jenn as she completely restores her immune system, strength, DNA and overall health. It has been an honor to be her caregiver and constant companion through this gruesome yet inspiring adventure to save her life.The side effects are literally too numerous to recount. Pain, aching, fatigue, bones growing, blood flowing, infections and more than 30 pills per day for all sorts of complications and issues related to her safety. We have spent 134 of the last 143 days in or at the hospital. So far, she’s spent 51 nights as an in-patient.Everywhere I’ve gone the past few weeks, people ask the same question: “How is our girl doing?”The answer: better than we could have possibly expected but still far from our eventual destination.Her weight dipped from 118 pounds to less than 100 at several points but over the past five days she has regained her appetite as she’s been weaned off several of the drugs after Day 30 post-transplant.The next major event will come the week of Aug. 25th when she undergoes a bone marrow biopsy that will determine whether her body has the new cells or her old, cancerous pathology.We were told, overall, that there’s a 70% chance that she’ll have the new, safe blood. Her odds are even greater because her match was a  “perfect match” – a 10-out-10 with the same B-Positive blood type in her donor’s genetic markers.With the Baltimore Ravens season coming, we expect that she’ll be able to attend some of the games pending her condition and the weather. Because of her skin, blood and the various antibiotics she needs for her safety, she will not be able to be in direct sunlight for the next 12 months. (So, no Ocean City or beach for us until late 2015. We’re discussing places with cloudy awful weather for vacation destinations but we already go to Cleveland once a year.) That said, there’s a dome in New Orleans and we’re hoping she can make that trip in November with so many WNST fans already signed up on our roadtrip.Your thoughts, spirit, prayers and kind wishes have been received and are all appreciated. We intend to continue to pay it forward as we swab more donors for the bone marrow registry and spread the word and assist victims of this insidious disease that has caused our lives to come to a complete halt while we battle this cancer along with an amazing team of doctors, nurses and a supportive staff of experts at Johns Hopkins.Please stay #JennStrong with us as we feel we’re about to enter the red zone and go for the end zone of safety for her in the coming weeks and months. She’s getting better and inches closer to a full recovery every day.We’ll keep you posted and hope that we get a chance to personally say hello sometime in the fall, perhaps at one of our live radio shows with new wide receiver Steve Smith. We’re be swabbing for There Goes My Hero at every event.Keep the faith and stay #BmorePositive that she’ll be cured.Much love…from Nes and #JennStrongP.S. Her journey is in the video below…last_img read more

Ancient human jawbone surfaces off coast of Taiwan

first_imgA fisherman who pulled in his nets 25 kilometers off the coast of Taiwan got a surprising catch: the lower jawbone of an ancient human. The bone (pictured)—dredged from a watery grave in the Penghu Channel—is robust and sports unusually large molars and premolars, suggesting that it once belonged to an archaic member of our genus Homo, according to a report published online today in Nature Communications. The Penghu jaw and teeth most closely resemble a partial skull of H. erectus from Longtan Cave in Hexian on the mainland of China, as well as earlier H. erectus fossils. Although it wasn’t possible to date the jawbone directly, it was found with an extinct species of hyena that suggests this archaic human was alive in the past 400,000 years and, most likely, in the past 200,000 years. If so, the find suggests that H. erectus persisted late in Asia, or that there were several other types of humans still alive at the time in this region. It might even be a member of the mysterious Denisovan people, a close relative of Neandertals known only from a finger bone and two teeth from Denisova Cave in Russia and its ancient DNA. But “if Penghu is indeed a long-awaited Denisovan jawbone, it looks more primitive than I would have expected,” says paleoanthropologist Chris Stringer of the Natural History Museum in London, who was not a co-author on the paper. And that question can only be answered if researchers can get DNA from Penghu.last_img read more