Kansas gubernatorial candidates on K-12 school funding: Democrat Laura Kelly

first_imgWe’re continuing with the Kansas gubernatorial candidates’ responses to our invitation to share their thoughts on how to handle the Supreme Court’s ruling directing the legislature to invest more money in K-12 schools.Here is what Democrat Laura Kelly, the Topeka state senator who is the only woman in the race, had to say:In 2005, I began my very first legislative session. That year, our schools were in crisis and we were headed to a special session. In the end, Democrats and moderate Republicans came together to forge a path towards stronger schools. We passed a multi-year plan that invested in our kids and made great schools a top priority.Unfortunately, in 2009 the Great Recession hit, hindering our state’s ability to keep the promises made to our schools. Then, in 2011, the Brownback/Colyer Administration cut schools even more to fund their ill-conceived tax experiment. We must correct these years of neglect and once again invest in our schools.I greatly appreciate the Shawnee Mission Post’s interest in real, concrete solutions. Quite frankly, for a policy wonk like me, it’s refreshing and exciting. Kansas faces many challenges, but our schools are the most urgent.First, we face a deadline in April to address the fundamental inequality of our school funding formula. To remedy the problems outlined by the Kansas Supreme Court, I would encourage support of House Bill 2445 sponsored by Rep. Melissa Rooker (R-Fairway). This bill changes distribution of at-risk funding, eliminates the expanded use of Capital Outlay Funds, and updates the way we calculate the Local Option Budget. These are all important changes needed to address the Court’s ruling.Also, a cost of living index should be built into the formula requiring the state to adjust spending annually. This will help us meet our constitutional responsibility to adequately fund public schools as the economy and other factors change.Next, the Kansas Department of Education has requested that we hire 150 school counselors, social workers, or psychologists every year for five years. These positions are of the utmost importance to our students. I would recommend that these positions be hired by community mental health centers or other local behavioral health partners so that they would be available year-round, even when school is not in session. We would ask that the Court recognize this as a good faith effort to target the 25% of children at the highest risk.Kansas must also make sure all schools – no matter their size or location – receive the support they need. We are currently conducting a survey to determine how individual schools would spend additional dollars. The results will help the Legislature tailor spending to our unique communities.The Legislature already appropriated an additional $293 million for Fiscal Year 2018 and 2019. I supported that measure last session. With the changes to the formula above, this additional money will be more fairly distributed. I will also support a multi-year plan that increases funding significantly over the next three years.With state revenue currently exceeding estimates, I’m confident we can add the additional funding through 2020. I would recommend using money from the ending balance in 2018 and 2019 and then establishing a “trust fund” for 2020.Thanks to bi-partisan cooperation last year, the Legislature was able to reverse the Brownback tax plan. Kansas is now on a path to recovery. Before we alter the tax code further, we should let the dust settle on the 2017 changes, as well as changes made at the federal level.Lastly, it is critical that the Court retain jurisdiction of this case to ensure that the Legislature follows through on these promises to our schools. During the past 8 years, Kansas children have been short-changed. As governor, I will make our schools my top priority. And I will use my budget expertise to ensure Kansas can continue to meet the needs of our students in the years to come.last_img read more

Laval in trouble

first_imgMONTREAL has been building a three-station extension of its Orange metro line since spring 2002. Running from Henri Bourassa station to Laval, the extension may not see revenue service even after completion in 2006 as the metro’s existing control centre has insufficient capacity.Officials at the Société de Transport de Montréal say the centre is obsolete and cannot be expanded because components are no longer manufactured. STM wants to purchase Réno-Système, part of a C$311m project that would modernise the metro’s communications, signalling and dispatching systems in addition to other infrastructure. The money would have to be appropriated by the province of Québec, but so far none has been forthcoming. City officials have taken a hands-off attitude, saying the responsibility belongs with the province. If STM cannot adapt or expand the control centre, the extension will remain idle.Meanwhile, the price tag of the 5·1 km Laval line has risen to nearly C$650m, more than three-and-a-half times the original estimate of C$179m. When construction began, the budget was C$345m. Since then, the project has been plagued by numerous cost overruns, leading to the newest estimate that was released in December.last_img read more

Plane crashes after delivering materials for DR Congo election

first_imgDR Congo Massacre DR Congo army donates vehicles for December election A Congolese cargo plane that went missing after delivering materials for a presidential election has crashed, a senior manager at the airline said on Friday.It was not clear how many people were on board.Air accidents are relatively frequent in Democratic Republic of Congo due to lax safety standards.“The plane has fallen and there are people on the ground,” Gomair’s financial director, Jean de Dieu Gato Karekezi, told Reuters by telephone after the aircraft’s disappearance on Thursday, adding he was unable to give more information.Earlier, Karekezi said the plane had been rented by the national electoral commission (CENI) to deliver election materials to Tshikapa, a city near the border with Angola, and contact was lost as it flew back to the capital.A CENI spokeswoman said the agent who had taken the flight to Tshikapa had stayed there, but she did not provide any further information.The incident follows a tumultuous week in Democratic Republic of Congo, which has seen the long-anticipated election postponed for a week to Dec. 30 due to logistical issues, clashes between protesters and police, and the deaths of over 100 people killed in fighting among ethnic groups in the northwest.Relatedcenter_img UN peacekeepers to remain in DR Congo until election is heldlast_img read more

Anyone have a “Last weekend at Shea Cap”?

first_imgAll Activity Size 7 and 3/8 or 7 and 1/2?would pay you through paypal or trade another cap. Members 0 68 $1 Cans of PBR 3 Share on other sites raysfan24 0 Recommended Posts By The Fonz, July 20, 2012 in Sports Logo News Go To Topic Listing raysfan24 Link to post Posted July 20, 2012 3 Posted July 20, 2012 0 1,474 posts Members Posted July 20, 2012 Link to post raysox The Fonz Share on other sites The Fonz Members raysox raysfan24 Link to post 3 Anyone have a “Last weekend at Shea Cap”? The Fonz Sports Logos This topic is now closed to further replies. Favourite Logos:Hartford WhalersOttawa Senators =O= Chicago BlackhawksMontreal ExposLake Elsinore Storm 188 posts The Fonz Shea Webber, the Predator’s defenseman who is probably going to Philly.What does the cap look like? 0 Location:Columbus, Ohio 2,271 (edited) Is this for baseball use or to make fun of Nashville Predator fans? 0 Members Members Forums Home 188 posts Members 3 0 Anyone have a “Last weekend at Shea Cap”? Members 3 Favourite Logos:New York Mets 34 SportsLogos.Net Haha! Hate to break it to ya but I saw one in a Lids in Winston-Salem when I drove through there on my way for vacation. It was on the $15 rack and actually though about picking it up. It was in great shape but a little dusty. If your willing to drive to Winston-Salem, It might still be there but I extremely doubt it. Link to post Link to post Share this post 34 34 3,643 posts 3 The hat seen in these pics: 162 162 Share this post 3 Location:Columbus, Ohio 2,271 Forums Home 3 The Fonz 68 Location:San Diego, CA / Parsippany, NJ 0 0 Followers 0 Share on other sites Shea Webber, the Predator’s defenseman who is probably going to Philly.What does the cap look like?It was just the blue Mets cap with a final series patch on the side. Posted July 20, 2012 2,271 Share on other sites Share this post All Activity @GoldAsIce Posted July 20, 2012 162 12,366 posts Sign in to follow this   Location:St. Petersburg, FL raysfan24 Sports Logos Location:Ontario 34 34 Members 68 1,474 posts 9,167 posts 3 I drove through June 29th. It was in Hanes Mall. I doubt they still had it becuase when I left the store there were people trying it on so I don’t know, it might still be there.EDIT: I talked to my friend about it. It was the final season at Shea logo, not final weekend. 34 Share this post njmeadowlanders Sports Logo News Share this post Share on other sites Posted July 20, 2012 The Fonz Share this post 3 188 posts Share this post Haha! Hate to break it to ya but I saw one in a Lids in Winston-Salem when I drove through there on my way for vacation. It was on the $15 rack and actually though about picking it up. It was in great shape but a little dusty. If your willing to drive to Winston-Salem, It might still be there but I extremely doubt it.DAMN! How long ago was that? You think I can call them up and order it and have it shipped to me? 0 Share on other sites Link to post Share this post aci Sign in to follow this   njmeadowlanders Posted July 20, 2012 The Fonz Share on other sites Members aci Share on other sites 3 Sports Logo News Share on other sites Link to post Link to post The Fonz Share this post Followers 0 Is this for baseball use or to make fun of Nashville Predator fans?? 3 Posted July 20, 2012 188 posts SportsLogos.Net Edited July 20, 2012 by raysfan24 Posted July 20, 2012 Link to post Anyone have a “Last weekend at Shea Cap”?last_img read more