Study finds perfectionism is linked to lower quality of sleep in teens

first_imgPoor sleep quality is associated with the personality trait of perfectionism in teenagers, according to a study published in the Journal of Health Psychology.Having a bad night’s sleep is extremely common among adolescents. Recent studies show that young adults get considerably less sleep than the recommended amount, with symptoms of poor sleep quality including anything from insomnia to daytime sleepiness. Just as common as poor sleep quality, perfectionism has been shown to play a significant role in adolescent personalities, including a strive for flawlessness and holding themselves to extremely high standards.However, not all perfectionism is created equal. There is a significant difference between trying to achieve a goal driven by a desire for success (adaptive perfectionism) and trying to achieve high-level goals driven by a fear of negative consequences (maladaptive perfectionism). Share on Facebook Share Share on Twitter LinkedIncenter_img Previous studies have explored the link between perfectionism, sleep disturbances and adults, but no studies have explicitly studied this phenomenon in adolescents.This study focused on the correlation between perfectionism, adolescent sleep quality and repetitive negative thinking, which is one of the indicators of the three-factor model of sleep disturbances (psychiatric illness and stressful life events being the other two). ‘Worry’ and ‘rumination’ were utilized as the two main indicators of repetitive negative thinking.The study used a questionnaire involving a sample of 1,800 Chinese adolescents and collected data on perfectionism, worry, sleep quality and rumination which was measured and statistically analyzed. The results confirm a correlation between sleep disturbances, perfectionism and repetitive negative thinking, with maladaptive perfectionists showing the poorest sleep quality of all groups.The study also found that repetitive negative thinking is associated with poor quality of sleep, with ‘worry’ playing a much more significant factor than ‘rumination’. This could be related to the fact that rumination is usually past oriented, whereas worry is future-oriented, potentially causing higher levels of stress.To combat symptoms of poor sleep quality, the researchers conclude that “mindfulness-based techniques of stress reduction and cognitive therapy should be considered”.Of course, the study has some limitations, namely the participants’ subjectivity in regard to the data they provided. In addition, the researchers also stress that the demonstrated correlation between repetitive negative thinking, perfectionism and sleep disturbances is not necessarily a causal relationship.The study, “Perfectionism and adolescent sleep quality: The mediating role of repetitive negative thinking“, was authored by Rong-Mao Lin, Shan-Shan Xie, You-Wei Yan, Yu-Hsin Chen, and Wen-Jing Yan. Pinterest Emaillast_img read more

Date Set For Public Consulations on Future of Albert Hall in Annan

first_imgWith the mission to be “More Than Just a Landlord: Making Our Communities Better Places”, Cunninghame Housing Association (CHA) has been commissioned by Dumfries and Galloway Council to conduct feasibility planning to explore options for the redevelopment of the Albert Hall, with a view to developing a community asset which can provide new community infrastructure within Annan.Cunninghame Housing Association is already committed to building 217 affordable houses for rent in Annan over the next 2-3 years. It is currently building new houses at the corner of Port Street and the High Street, only 100 metres from the Albert Hall.On behalf of Cunninghame Housing Association, Community Enterprise in Scotland (CEIS) is undertaking a range of community consultation methods to gather the views of the local community and find out more about the need for services, activities and facilities in the area.The findings from the community consultation will be used to inform development options for the Albert Hall.Feedback from all the consultations will then form the basis of the feasibility planning study which will provide options for the Councils consideration for the redevelopment of the Albert Hall. The feasibility study will be submitted to Dumfries & Galloway Council in April/May 2020.Frank Sweeney, Group Chief Executive of Cunninghame Housing Association said “Prior to the feasibility being submitted to the Council CEIS and CHA will hold a further one day “Feedback Day” on the outcome of the consultations in late January 2020. This will give all who have consulted the opportunity to look at the overall feedback and draft proposals.” Albert Hall Design Team AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to LinkedInLinkedInLinkedInThere will be two public consultation sessions at Annan Town Hall on Monday the 9th of December 2019 – 2pm & 6pmDumfries and Galloway Council and the Annan Regeneration Steering Group are planning future improvements to Annan town centre. Previous community consultations have identified people’s concerns with the condition of many of the town centre’s buildings and the wish for these to be improved and to contribute to a positive future development of Annan.The ‘B’ listed Albert Hall on 15 Port Street is a historical building that has played a key part in the history of Annan. The building has however been run down for a number of years and due to dampness and plant growth, the condition of the building is deteriorating.last_img read more