Inspiring Construction: how to win over young workers

first_imgWe’ve long talked about the image of construction as a key reason why more young people do not choose to join our industry. At Build UK, we believe that it isn’t our image, but more a problem with how the industry presents itself. If we spend our time talking about dirty and muddy projects, then all we will do is reinforce the stereotypes that exist. Yet we have such an amazing story to tell. We build everything around us, from the schools we learn in to the hospitals we were born in and the homes we live in. How many other industries leave such a legacy, and how many other industries have such a diverse set of roles and working environments? As the new chairman of Build UK, I’ve made better and more effective engagement with schools a core part of my agenda for the next two years. I want to see a real step change in how we work with teachers, parents and pupils. Engagement must begin at a young age. Children start to rule career options in or out at an early age, and evidence shows that girls and boys hold stereotypical views about male and female careers by the age of seven. Certainly we need to be engaging with students before they choose their GCSE subjects, so that they understand about the benefits of choosing a career in construction. And the impact of such engagement is huge. We are calling on all of you in the industry to step up and share your pride at saying ‘I built that, I love what I do, and this industry is open to everybody’Research by the Education and Employers Taskforce shows that students who have four or more contacts with employers while they are at school are 25% less likely to become NEET (not in education, employment and training) and can expect, when in full-time employment, to earn more than peers who had no such exposure. This demonstrates the direct impact that we can have on the lives of young people. The government’s Construction 2025 strategy set the challenge for the industry to “inspire young people through a co-ordinated approach”, and this was reinforced in the Farmer review, which called for “an outreach programme to schools drawing on existing industry exemplars and the vision for the industry’s future”. With members’ support, Build UK – in partnership with the Construction Industry Training Board – has launched the Inspiring Construction campaign to give everybody across the industry the information, tools and advice to help students take their first step into the industry. Whether through graduate programmes or apprenticeships, there are opportunities for all.Technological and workplace change means young people face much more choice when deciding on their future career. If we are to achieve our aim of getting a more diverse set of talented people enthusiastic about the prospect of a career in construction, then we must be bold and ambitious. Instead of talking about an image problem, let’s do something to show people how they can get involved and the variety of opportunities construction has to offer. This industry is full of people who are passionate about construction, who enjoy thriving careers in a whole range of roles, utilising a broad variety of different skills. There are a myriad success stories throughout our sector at every level. Research and experience suggests that the impact of careers events is amplified when the person providing information to pupils about jobs and careers can draw on personal, first-hand experience of those professions. We need to draw from everybody in the sector – from tier-one contractors to clients and all the way through the supply chain – to tell a powerful story to students about our sectorI had the privilege of launching Inspiring Construction last month at Ditton Park Academy in Slough. A new, state-of-the-art building – project managed by Mace – for a secondary school with big ambitions to show its students that their dreams can be achieved. I recited my own story to those students.I started my career as a 16-year-old apprentice, and some 36 years later I am a group board director for a multibillion-pound, international company, Mace. I showed the students photographs of the buildings I am so proud to have been part of constructing. I was so impressed at the level of knowledge in the room – the students identified Birmingham New Street station and the Tate Modern and were very excited to see the new Spurs stadium taking shape in Tottenham. Seeing their eyes light up at the range of careers our industry has to offer and their surprise at the earning potential at different career stages made me resolve to dedicate more of my time to inspiring the next generation. I hope you will join me. Wouldn’t it be great also if – instead of retiring off into the sunset – our experienced project, commercial and technical staff were retained part-time, in the twilight of their career, to teach our youngsters how things should be done, passing down their knowledge to the next generation? If you want to be part of helping bring young people into the industry, Inspiring Construction will give you the tools you need and connect you to a school, college or university. In return, we need you to volunteer your time to share your story and engage people by being inspiring and passionate. We need to inspire the next generation with something we all know: that construction is a career like no other. We need to draw from everybody in the sector – from tier-one contractors to clients and all the way through the supply chain – to tell a powerful story to students about our sector. So we are calling on all of you in the industry to step up and share your pride at saying: “I built that, I love what I do, and this industry is open to everyone who wants to build the world we live in.” Mark Castle is the chair of Build UK and deputy chief operating officer at Macelast_img read more

GALLERY: Northampton Saints 32-26 Bristol Rugby

first_imgMitch Eadie and Jason Woodward both crossed for Bristol in a spirited display, while the latter added four penalties and two conversions for a 21-point haul.Images courtesy of JMPUK.last_img

Google Chrome says Sprts Logos has Malware!

first_img 111 17 4,793 posts Share on other sites Members 4,793 posts 751 71 17,487 posts By SHaMROCK, September 28, 2012 in Sports Logo News Share on other sites Forums Home 55 6,476 posts Share on other sites Posted September 28, 2012 0 1,259 Location:Corktown, Hamilton, Ontario also, about 50% of the time i log in, the font size is about double what it normally is. Cola Posted September 28, 2012 Share on other sites Link to post Share this post Posted September 28, 2012 Link to post Cola All Activity Members 34 It’s clear now but I got the warning in Safari, Chome & Firefox earlier SportsLogos.Net 37 Mingjai 973 Members Sports Logo News 34 Hey guys, is anyone else using Google Chrome browser and getting a warning the this site may be distributing Malware? It’s funny a couple days ago, or maybe yesterday I kept getting a pop up on this site!!! Link to post Share on other sites BigDmo 23,667 posts Posted September 28, 2012 973 I’ve been getting a weird glitch with the forums where the posts are appearing out of order, and also some posts have an underscore before each line. When I go to the argyle thread, the first post is from someone with Ron Swanson as their avatar and underscores before each line talking about something the original poster said. Anyone else seeing this? ColeJ 34 Google Chrome says Sprts Logos has Malware! Go To Topic Listing also, about 50% of the time i log in, the font size is about double what it normally is.That just happened to me for the first time today. I use Firefox and I also got the malware message.Same here–use Firefox and got the message today. Link to post Posted September 28, 2012 1,259 8,685 Coheed Share on other sites Share this post 0 1,612 posts Posted September 28, 2012 Share on other sites Forums Home Sports Logo News Share this post 3,760 Share on other sites Buffalo BrandMooreArt 0 1,438 posts 8,685 17 Location:Eugene, Oregon Members 34 0 2,715 posts Silent Wind of Doom Link to post Share this post Share on other sites Location:Jacksonville, FL 34 Posted September 28, 2012 Members All Activity 2,568 posts Location:Tampa Favourite Logos:The Cross, New Orleans Saints, New England Patriots Location:Indiana > Miami Buffalo Sports Logos Sports Logos 55 BrandMooreArt 1,885 posts SHaMROCK 0 Posted September 28, 2012 Posted September 30, 2012 Owner @CDOriginals Patchez Share on other sites Sign in to follow this   Location:St. Paul | Chicago Followers 0 WSU151 Location:Kansas City, MO Lee. also, about 50% of the time i log in, the font size is about double what it normally is.That just happened to me for the first time today. I use Firefox and I also got the malware message. Share this post 0 Members Link to post Lee. Location:USA 924 posts 0 SHaMROCK Share this post 17 Share on other sites Share this post 950 Cola Cola 419 0 Share this post 0 Location:Waxahachie, Texas Members Posted September 28, 2012 Members Link to post Member of the Right Brigade Share this post 34 37 419 WSU151 973 419 Posted September 28, 2012 71 Posted September 28, 2012 326 Share on other sites Link to post Link to post Share this post Members This topic is now closed to further replies. Not affiliated with Graphic Designer Yep, got it today as well on Chrome. 950 It happened to me earlier at work while using Firefox and I am getting it now using Chrome. So apparently it is not fixed. Sign in to follow this   Link to post 3,760 Posted September 28, 2012 “Sports Aesthetics” Share this post 111 Share on other sites 0 3,760 Mingjai BigDmo Members 326 Honestly, I am having a lot more issues than just getting the malware notice- although it could be a reason.Lately the site has been slow for the most part…I will click a forum title and nothing will happen. Or half a page will load…or one post will come up and I will have to refresh.Just seems to be hanging up and moving slowly. Location:DC area Posted September 28, 2012 also seeing the same things on chrome ColeJ Share this post 950 Link to post Location:Tampa 34 0 Google Chrome says Sprts Logos has Malware! Members Members 0 34 theSLVRBCK Yeah, even though Chris addressed that it was “fixed”…it has been blocked from my company internet for quite some time now for detected malware.Also, I am noticing the site running quite a bit slower than it used to. 751 1,259 0 Share this post Recommended Posts Link to post Cola at home now and seeing it on Chrome (I was on IE earlier). Cola Link to post Members Wikipedia Uni Obermeister Location:Kentucky So has anyone actually contacted Chris or yzerfan and notified them? Share on other sites 34 Location:Tampa nuordr To echo – Still getting the malware warning in Chrome. theSLVRBCK Patchez Link to post 9,114 posts 9,766 posts 326 Members 55 Share this post Share this post Posted September 28, 2012 71 111 8,685 Share on other sites Link to post Link to post Silent Wind of Doom 751 Followers 0 Google Chrome says Sprts Logos has Malware! nuordr 0 Location:Body in S. Carolina, Heart in New York Same in Firefox 37 Location:Canada’s Vacation Paradise also seeing the same things on chromeYUUUUP!:-( 575 posts Members 4,793 posts 782 posts Share on other sites 0 Posted September 28, 2012 SportsLogos.Net 0 Share this post Coheed Memberslast_img read more

“black odyssey” a fresh take on an ancient tale

first_imgMarcus Gardley’s new drama “black odyssey” taps into a brand of intense storytelling that’s mystified audiences for millennia.It’s no surprise, really, considering the young playwright’s source material in putting together this story of a black soldier’s long and difficult homecoming after the Gulf War. The basic structure and concept of Gardley’s world premiere currently running through the Denver Center Theatre Company comes straight from “The Odyssey,” one of the Western world’s most durable stories. The concept is hardly new. “The Odyssey” has been the basis for too many tales to count in the past 3,000 years. But Gardley’s twist on the ancient story isn’t tired or hackneyed. Instead, the playwright and director Chay Yew draws on a timeless tale to tell a very modern story. Through poetic language, imaginative plot twists and impressive stagecraft, “black odyssey” delivers a compelling and contemporary take on the black experience in America.What’s most impressive is the mix of ancient and modern threads. Gardley uses Homer’s epic poem as his basic model here, but it’s hardly transparent. The travails of Ulysses Lincoln (Jason Bowen) follow the basic path of Homer’s ancient poem; his struggles stem from a conflict between two gods. Instead of Zeus and Poseidon, Deus (Cleavant Derricks) and Paw Sidin (Tony Todd) are the deities whose arguments lead to Ulysses Lincoln’s long journey to find his wife, Nella Pee (Shamika Cotton), and his son, Malachai (Eric Lockley), after the war.That fight among gods also has a root in Homer’s ancient tale. Here, it boils down to Ulysses’ murder of Paw Sidin’s son during the Gulf War. Instead of the one-eyed beast Cyclops, the victim is an Afghani with one eye who never deserved death. As a punishment for the murder, Ulysses is denied a straight path back to his family after the war. Instead, he undertakes a voyage that’s based more in abstraction than geography.It’s a sojourn through the self, and in the case of Ulysses Lincoln, that means revisiting some of the most seminal moments in black history. In reconnecting with his own ancestors, Lincoln reconnects with the tragic death of Emmett Till, the slaughter of four little girls in a church in Alabama and the assasination of Civil Rights leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. A revolving crew of actors including Kim Staunton, Eugene Fleming and Sequoiah play ancestral roles that stretch across generations and also find basic parallels in Homer’s original tale.As Ulysses wanders in his own history, the goddess Aunt Tina (a character with a parallel in the Greek goddess Athena played by Pressley), makes a home in the mortal world to keep Ulysses’ memory vibrant with Nella Pee. It’s a task that becomes all the more difficult as Malachai turns into a teenager and Paw Sidin arrives to tempt Nella Pee as John Suitor.The parallels to the ancient story sometimes feel stretched, and the narrative weave of the story can feel a bit scattered and unfocused. Even so, the power of the show is consistently impressive, thanks to amazing work from the company. Visiting actors Derricks and Todd, both of whom boast high-profile screen credits, are powerhouses in their multiple roles. Staunton, a DCTC vet, offers one of the show’s highlights in her portrayal of Circe, a siren devoted to keeping Ulysses from returning home.The tech in this show plays almost as an impressive role as the acting crew. Innovative projection work designed by Charlie Miller and Myung Hee Cho’s set design help clarify some of the drama’s more complicated premises.Those touches help the show remain rooted in the basic core story, a tale that’s entertained, mystified and educated since “The Odyssey” started making its rounds as a poem thousands of years ago. While “black odyssey” isn’t quite the most promising of the many world premieres in the DCTC’s 2013-14 season, it certainly does justice to its source material.THREE STARS OUT OF FOUR“black odyssey” runs until Feb. 16 at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, 1101 13th St., Denver. Tickets start at $47. Information: 303-893-4100 or read more